I sorta believe Puffy, P. Diddy, Diddy, Combs, Sean Combs, whatever he wants to be called today, believes he is a good person. He’s been known to say, he wears white because he thinks he’s an angel. However, I’ve never met anyone who spoke about him using such terms. In case you didn’t know, in every city, in dim lit alleys, there’s a thing called street sense. Sometimes street sense makes perfect sense. The streets could care less about Diddy’s white suit attire. The streets care about who was Diddy?

Although, I haven’t been in Diddy’s company much, my dear friend has. She was in the club the night of the event in which there was gunfire. I went through security with Diddy during his trial daily on a trail that was held opposite his. Each day he would wave to the teeny boppers outside the court house sporting his white suits. It was thrilling to meet and greet his powerful team of lawyers. Johnny Cochran was a favorite of mine.

Over the years a numerous amount of beat maker and artists have shared their experiences working with Diddy and Bad Boy Records. Most people will agree Diddy got his start from the streets and learned how to rap and produce through the help of Biggie, Mase, Easy Mo Bee, and many other artists. He has proved that a person shouldn’t give up on something tainted or rumored for the end result could be innocent. One thing is for sure; Diddy is a business man.